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The aim of our business is to help you navigate through this superb piece of GDPR legislation, delivering compliance to your business and peace of mind to you, your customers and partners.

No doubt by now you are looking at or have started your GDPR journey. We are here to help you with the areas you are not clear on and to also assess if you have actually become compliant. We also can carry out risk assessments to understand the consequences of non-compliance and how we can work with you to help mitigate such risks.

Call us today and let us help you with part or all of your GDPR compliance.

You must become compliant no matter what size business you operate. It is the law and whether you are a sole trader or run a much larger business, we can help you.

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has introduced uncertainty about the GDPR, but the government has clearly stated that GDPR in the form of the Data Protection Act 2018 will be staying, long after we leave and the regulations may well be tightened further. In order to trade with EU Countries, GDPR compliance will be a minimum requirement.

Now is the time to implement appropriate data security measures to locate, identify and protect sensitive business and personal data within your organisation and create policies and procedures to demonstrate compliance. It is not just an IT problem as many think it is.

Every organisation is different. Our approach is to tailor the solution for you to achieve GDPR compliance with changes to your established processes.

We can offer help with policies and procedure, marketing advice and DPO as a service

We offer a range of services that are transferable to other consulting practices, no proprietary solutions but simple to understand demonstrable compliance with monthly and quarterly payment options to ease any cashflow strains.

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